The Raven Lounge: something to crow about


“Once upon a midnight dreary … ”

Midnight is anything but dreary at The Raven Lounge, the Center City Edgar Allan Poe-themed bar, lounge and performance space.

The spot is rolling out some new adult beverages for spring, giving bar hoppers yet another reason to visit this fun and interesting watering hole.

Kevin Ehret, a bartending alum of many a Gayborhood bar, has put together an impressive menu of new drinks that will appeal to a broad range of tastes.

For the traditional cocktail enthusiasts, there’s the Jim Beam Black Manhattan, the most grown-up of the new cocktails with bold but smooth flavors. For something a bit more summery, the Blue Collins is a citrus-infused gin cocktail. The Jay Pop, a concoction of Jameson, peach Schnapps and ginger ale, is a nice middle-ground cocktail — conservative-looking enough for traditionalists and just bright and light enough to appeal to those with more-adventurous palettes. For a party in a glass, try the champagne and Pop Rocks, a flute of champagne spiked with an entire pack of the fizzy candy, giving the drink a sugary jolt and fruity overtone.

The Raven Lounge is a magnet for comedians, musicians and other performers looking for a place to see and be seen — and the bar’s drink menu does a great job of reinforcing that vibe.