Music breaks barriers for winning ‘LoveStory’ couple

Ulit Jaidee can’t whistle. 

But he can hum — and it was his expert humming of more than a dozen American classics that made Jerry Makos know he was “the one” for him.


In his entry for PGN’s Valentine’s Day-themed contest with PersonalCast Studios, Makos wrote that, early in their relationship, the couple was lying in bed when Jaidee, who goes by the nickname Tik, playfully started humming songs and asking Makos to guess them.

“I’m pretty sure I impressed him with my knowledge of these songs but it was nothing compared to how he floored me by just knowing these songs. I was amazed and astounded,” Makos wrote, noting that Jaidee’s musical expertise was all the more intriguing because he’s a native of Thailand. At the time, he was in America working on his Ph.D. “I was astounded and fascinated. I knew that night, lying in his arms, that this was someone very special and that I had to make sure I didn’t let him slip away.”

He didn’t, and seven years later, they’re now a happily married couple. 

The pair met online and had their first date at Makos’ place.

Makos said he was amused from the start.

“He came in and brought dinner from Wendy’s and sat down and said, ‘I hope you don’t mind, I’m really hungry,’ and started eating,” Makos laughed.

They became exclusive almost immediately. 

The couple quickly learned about their shared passion for music — both play the keyboard. While Makos said he was impressed by Jaidee’s vast musical knowledge the night he described in his entry, Jaidee struggles in another area: whistling. 

“I learned that night that he can’t whistle, which is why he hummed the tunes. You take what you can get,” Makos jokingly wrote.

The couple now lives in Allentown. Makos, 58, owns an awning company, after many years in the IT industry. Jaidee, 40, who earned his Ph.D in computer engineering from Lehigh University, can’t work until his green card is finalized.

Their relationship, like all, is not without challenges, they said. Cultural barriers often crop up — like Jaidee getting offended when Makos told him to eat soup when he was feeling under the weather.

“There are idioms we use in the United States that he doesn’t understand. But it’s just a lot of talking, explaining things, to get past it,” Makos said.

The couple married in September 2013 in Delaware.

“I think we have less arguments and are more in sync,” Jaidee said about the impact of the marriage.

Makos added he was surprised by the legal weight of the marriage certificate.

“If you had asked me 20 years ago, I don’t think it would have meant that much to me. But to be able to legally, outwardly profess my commitment to somebody, I appreciate it and enjoy it more than I ever thought I would,” he said.

The couple will undoubtedly talk about their wedding when they’re interviewed for their LoveStory video.

PersonalCast Studios produces the profile videos to highlight a couple’s journey, using FaceTime or Skype to allow them to tell their story from the comfort of their own home.

PersonalCast founders Susan Cohen-Dickler and husband Jan Dickler produced such reality shows as “Ambush Makeover” and “Trading Spaces.” In addition to LoveStory videos, their company also offers products that focus on one person’s retelling of the highlights of his or her life; a short story about a particular moment; and a tribute that includes remarks from a number of people about one individual.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, PGN asked couples to tell us when they knew their partner was “the one,” for consideration for a free LoveStory video.

“Every entry would be an outstanding LoveStory Profile because they are so passionate,” Cohen-Dickler said about the contest entries. “We chose this entry because music was such an important part of their story. Also, we wanted to watch Tik try to whistle! Jerry and Tik prove that everyone should have their story told at least once.”

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