Holiday mishaps and memories


This Thanksgiving is special for me and Jason. It will be the first time his parents have come to our house for the holiday, and we’re excited about it. They’ve been to our house before but not for this holiday; Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Turkey is a top meal on my charts, but it’s also a time to have people over and just relax around the table and chat.

We all know the stereotype about feeding a family at the holidays, but that has never been an issue at our house. We all work together to get the meal finished, which at times has been sort of a joke, our first Thanksgiving together in particular.

I had decided to cook the dinner myself, and you have to understand … I can’t cook.  So, of course, asking friends for instructions was a must. We all like mashed potatoes and it was the last dish to be made. My instructions were to peal the potatoes and put milk, cream or sour cream into the mixing bowl with butter. Doing as instructed, I turned on the mixer and lowered it into the mix.  All of a sudden, potatoes were flying all over the kitchen: on the walls, ceilings … milk and cream dripping on the cabinets. And family and friends aughing until they almost fell over. No one told me you had to boil the potatoes first.

And so over the years, the dinner has become special for friends and family. And I’ve even specialized in my own stuffing recipe.

For those of you who don’t have family or would rather not be with them, why not enjoy your community? Almost all LGBT community centers have Thanksgiving dinners for just that purpose.  And think, maybe you’ll meet someone at that dinner and create your own Thanksgiving tradition next year.

Happy Turkey day, all!