A life was lost today,

    A mother and father won’t go to work today,

    They became broken today,

    People are being born today,

    People are going six feet underground today,

    Another girl is crying for help today,

    A girl is going to school with bruises today,

    Another black man got killed today,

    Racist police are on the streets today,

    Shots are being fired today,

    Another innocent person dead today,

    Why are killer cops still free today?

    Why are people homophobic today,

    Another one of my gay friends killed themselves today,

    Weed, crack, wet are being sold today,

    Kids dropping out of school today,

    Still no cure for cancer today,

    Troops going back to base today,

    A boy not graduating today,

    His mother is holding his hand in the hospital today,

    Another young girl pregnant today,

    There’s another overdose today,

    She sold herself today,

    Sad thoughts run through their head today,

    More guns being bought today,

    More daddies getting drunk today,

    Their daddies getting drunk today,

    Their daughters became their punching bag today,

    Then they say sorry today.