Will marriage equality help or hurt the push for an LGBT civil-rights bill?


Blair Ago
website director | Fishtown
"Temporarily, there will be a backlash that will hurt. Of course, some politicians will be vin-dictive, but the ultimate outcome will be accept-ance. You can’t tell people who they can or cannot love. We’ll have a national LGBT civil-rights law within the next few years."

Cheryl Baynard
homemaker | Northeast Philadelphia
"I think it will help. It’s giving the [LGBT] movement more momen-tum. The country is moving in the direction of more civil rights. The Supreme Court is leading the way."

Kevin Broad
artist | Graduate Hospital
"Marriage equality is bringing public awareness to the issue of LGBT civil rights. That will hasten the passage of a national LGBT civil-rights bill. We’re not evil people. Yes, some people are angry [about marriage equality], but they’ll gradually come around."

Aaron Cashman
acupuncturist | Washington Square
"In the long run, it will help. There’s always a backlash when an oppressed group becomes liberated. People will have to accept the new reality of marriage equality. Once that happens, other advances will follow."