Special Section on LGBTQ Older Adults

July is a remarkable month in history for LGBT older adults — and we’re marking it with the second Special Section on LGBTQ Older Adults

Fifty years ago, the first Reminder Days protests were held, on July 4, 1965. Later that month, President Lyndon Johnson signed into law the Older Americans Act and legislation creating the Medicare and Medicaid health-insurance programs, all pieces of landmark legislation that have served to improve the lives of older Americans over the past half-century.

Twenty-five years ago, again in July, President George H. W. Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act, pushing forward the rights of all older adults and people with disabilities so they can age successfully and live independently in their own homes and communities.

Five years ago this month, members of the LGBT communities conducted the first needs-assessment survey of LGBT older adults in the Delaware Valley. That survey helped to identify the most pressing needs facing the older members of our LGBT communities. To address the issues identified in that survey, the LGBT Elder Initiative (LGBTEI) was formed.

Today, the LGBTEI, in collaboration with the Philadelphia Gay News, has assembled this Special Section on Older Adults that is designed to inform, educate and provide resources so that every member of our communities can age successfully at every phase of life.

For more information, resources or to volunteer with the LGBTEI in its important work for our communities, email [email protected] or call 215- 550-1460.