Do the election results show that Philadelphia is LGBT-friendly?


Christopher Clark
landscaper | Valley Township
"No. The city should have LGBT representa-tion on City Council. It’s moving in the right direction but it’s not quite there yet. City Council should reflect the diversity of Philly. Then you can say all segments of the population are truly represented."

Maura Elliott
officer manager | Sewell, N.J.
"Yes, I think so. The city can be LGBT-friendly, even without members of the LGBT community on City Council. It’s important to have LGBT representa-tion, and I hope it happens. But that doesn’t prevent the city from billing itself as LGBT-friendly. There are many allies on City Council, and [mayoral nominee] Jim Kenney is very supportive."

Christina Janka
dancer | Pitman, N.J.
"No. It can’t be considered LGBT-friendly until the last obstacle is overcome. There should be LGBT people on City Council. What makes the city so equal if it doesn’t treat everyone equally, including on City Council? There were some good results in the election, but not enough."

Jay Martin
pyrotechnician | London, England
"Yes. From the little I know about the city, it seems LGBT-friendly to me. I would like to see more diversity on the governing council, but as long as its members are sensitive to the needs of the LGBT community, the city can be LGBT-friendly."