Should LGBT messages be permitted on vanity license plates?


Michelle Biddle-Rowland
costumer designer | Wyndmoor
"Yes, even if it’s an anti-LGBT message. If you’re gonna be a jerk, let the world know you’re a jerk. But you’re also gonna suffer the consequences. You’re giving people fair notice that you’re a jerk. At least I’ll know I won’t want to be your friend."

Levonne Lindsay
college professor | West Philadelphia
"Pro-LGBT messages are fine. They don’t infringe on anyone’s rights. But no anti-LGBT messages. People have a right not to see hate messages on license plates. Once we let that out in the world, we’re regressing. It’s promoting hate. And it makes our society less civilized."

Anna Small
fashion assistant | Northern Liberties
"Yes, I think in a free society, anything goes. Everybody has a right to express whatever they want, regardless of whether or not I agree with it. And people also have a right to be up in arms if they see an anti-LGBT license plate. I just hope they don’t cause an accident!"

Scott Stoddard
civil engineer | Queen Village
"Yes. I don’t like any kind of censorship. I realize some people might be upset with an anti-LGBT license plate. I certainly wouldn’t agree with that message, but we live in a free society. Where do you draw the line? Will you censor messages on T-shirts next?"