Should there be transgender-only restrooms in public spaces?


Marcel Breaux
student | New York City
"Yes, it would relieve a lot of awkward-ness. People who identify as transgender will be more comfortable. It’s one less thing they have to deal with. I’m all for it."

Samantha Dubin
cosmetologist | Fishtown
"No. People should mind their own business. It’s not their concern if a transgender person is next to them in a restroom. They should just focus on the task at hand, which is to simply use the restroom facilities."

Tyler Harris
Realtor | Society Hill
"No, that’s discrimina-tory. It would be a throwback to the colored-only restrooms of the 1950s. And it would be too costly to build all those new restrooms. I just wish everyone would be more tolerant and this wouldn’t be an issue."

Cory Reyman
sales manager | Queen Village
"Yes, as a transitional, stop-gap measure, it’s appropriate. Ideally, transgender-only rest-rooms will be unnecessary as transgen-der people become more accepted in society. There will just be male restrooms and female restrooms. I’m sympathetic to what LGBT people go through."