In response to “Kenney confirms mayoral run,” Jan. 30:

I am glad that Kenney is running. I was proud to work with him on the LGBT omnibus and other issues. He is the only shining star in this mayoral race, though.

Anthony Williams? He is nothing more than a voucher pusher, a puppet for white hedge-fund managers on the Main Line who want to privatize education. That City Committee endorsed him, even in light of the issues with the Philly school district, is appalling. Most relevant to this publication, vouchers are bad for LGBT students, as it forces them to either choose between being true to themselves or getting a good education (the beneficiaries are religious schools).

Lynne Abraham? Nothing more than a throwback to the tough-on-crime era of the ’80s, ’90s and parts of the ’00s, where everyone turned off their brain and favored policies and laws that locked people up for small-ball stuff. California reformed three strikes, states are legalizing or decriminalizing weed and, someday, these reforms will make it to Pennsylvania; she is extremely passé. Tough-on-crime policies also hurt certain segments of the LGBT community, especially trans women of color.

Nelson Diaz? Who? Basically, we know nothing about this guy, and while he may be able to benefit from ethnic voting, he may take votes away from Kenney, who has been endorsed by PFUN, whose member organizations include many Latino/a interest organizations who are working against ICE.

Philadelphia needs Kenney. If he doesn’t win, then Philadelphia will never advance into the modern era.

— Jordan Gwendolyn Davis

In response to “Hollywood is lagging behind,” Jan. 23-29:


— SisterSoami DeLux

Thank you for speaking up about this. So many great films are out there, yet why haven’t we heard?

— kittybrat

In response to “Nutter officiates dignitary’s same-sex wedding,” Jan. 23-29:

As a queer Jew in Philly, words will never be able to adequately explain how much this wedding happening in City Hall means to me.

— Shane Rubin