What’s the top LGBT story of 2014?


Nicole Bustamante
financial analyst | Society Hill
"[Apple CEO] Tim Cook’s coming out. For someone of such high profile to come out shows the progress the LGBT community is making. He’s a great role model who exemplifies success. Despite the flak he’s taking, he’s setting a wonderful example for others."

Julian Domanico
legal assistant | Gayborhood
"Marriage equality in Pennsyl-vania. It’s positive news for the LGBT community, for a change. There was a lot of negative news, especially with the assault of the gay couple in Philly. So I was overjoyed when marriage equality finally came to the state."

William McDevitt
attorney | Flourtown
"The passing of Gloria Casarez. She was a wonderful person. She really had great advocacy skills. She was very adept at keeping LGBT issues front and center. I just hope the inroads she made will continue on, for years to come."

Stephanie Palmore
dog walker | South Philadelphia
"The Rev. Frank Schaefer being reinstated. I thought it was awful when the Methodist Church defrocked him. How callous can you get? He was just showing love for his son. I’m so glad he’s been reinstated. He’ll do a lot of good in the world."