Locals launch hate-crimes law campaign


Delaware Valley Legacy Fund and Equality Pennsylvania, in partnership with online retailer EagerGear, have launched an awareness-raising campaign to press for the expansion of Pennsylvania’s hate-crimes law to include LGBT protections.

To promote their message, DVLF and EagerGear will distribute temporary tattoos that consist of an adhesive bandage emblazoned with the word “LOVE.” Supporters are asked to both wear the tattoos and share photos of them on social media.

The effort comes on the heels of a gay couple being attacked in Center City last month. Because Pennsylvania’s hate-crimes law is not inclusive, the defendants will not be charged with a hate crime.

“Like many in the LGBTQ community, I was very disappointed when Pennsylvania hate crime legislation was not amended this past week,” said Samantha Giusti, Executive Director of the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund. “Our voices need to be heard.”

Former DVLF board member W. Robert Knaub, owner of the retailer, said the attack “underscores the need for advancement of LGBT protections. We must ensure laws are in place to deter such heinous attacks.”

Equality PA executive director Ted Martin noted that his organization has been pressing for changes to the law for years, but such measures have stalled in the state legislature.

“Treating LGBT people fairly and equally is good for all of Pennsylvania, and we are so glad to have the support of so many businesses and community groups like EagerGear and DVLF,” Martin said.

For more information, or to obtain tattoos, visit www.eagergear.com, or stop by the DVLF table at OutFest, Oct. 12 in the Gayborhood.