Ginsburg gives mixed signals on SCOTUS timeline


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg this week seemed to backpedal on previous statements that had indicated the nation’s top court wanted to make a swift, definitive decision on nationwide marriage equality.

During a speech at University of Minnesota Tuesday, Ginsburg said that the cases up for review before the Supreme Court may not reflect a high-priority review, as all lower-court decisions have been unanimously against state bans on marriage equality. But, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals could be a game-changer, the 81-year-old justice said, as a decision from that court that contradicts the other rulings could necessitate SCOTUS action.

The justices will begin meeting Sept. 29 to determine which cases they will take up, and a decision on whether they will hear any of the seven marriage-equality cases — which come from five states — is expected in early October.