Poetry collection


    From Tender to Indestructible      

    Once upon a time my shell was tender

    Easily bruised by the use of words

    The sting of heavy glares


    Once upon a time I cared so much

    About others’ approval

    Was left disheveled if I was rejected


    But now in time my shell has grown indestructible

    Having a truer relationship with self

    I don’t crumble if I tumble publicly


    If others think they know me and scour

    I stand stronger in my conviction

    To be bold enough

    To love oneself truly is life’s reward


    The Deep End

    Life is so fast

    With just a glance

    One can encounter romances

    But will it last

    So much importance

    An outer appearance

    Believing that what we’re seeing

    Will give birth to deeper meaning


    Swimming in shallow pools

    Beacause the water feels good

    Need to gain the courage

    To explore deeper territories


    The real stories of partnership

    The experience of trying to bond with

    another human being,

    afraid, in like, in confusion, and in love


    Can we break away

    From searching on the surface

    Getting lost in image,

    Sneakers and clothing, can’t hold it

    the true emotion someone real can bring


    The Burning

    The burning

    Like being eternal

    And yet someone’s pouring lava

    All over your skin


    Though silky with movement,

    The melting is all-consuming,

    That’s the emotion I felt with you

    Didn’t know how to get through


    Until I learned how to,

    Turn fire into ice

    Numbing what was burning

    Until I’m frozen from the world

    I survived in ice,

    Erecting barriers that fight,

    My battles for me

    Not feeling held in an icy winter


    The opposite of molten lava

    Frozen at the center

    Lying at the bottom of the sea

    That was what life was for me


    Once a charred disaster

    That froze over in time

    Now after many sunrises

    A new spring has finally arrived


    Timothy Wayne Moore, 27, is pursuing a master’s degree in leadership from Rosemont College.