Would you be more likely to purchase a product that’s packaged as LGBT-friendly?


Eric Barnes
truck driver | Quinton, N.J.
“No, it’s all about the product, not whether it has LGBT-friendly packaging. If it’s a hamburger I’m thinking about buying, I just care if it will taste good in my mouth. Whether or not it has LGBT-friendly packaging wouldn’t be the deciding factor.”

Ashley Carrega
sculptor | Ross Township, Pa.
“If it’s just a marketing ploy, that would be immoral and a turn-off for me. I’d want to know that the company is good, not only on LGBT issues, but all human-rights issues. I’d look into the subject, especially if I were investing large sums of money in the company.”

Devin Christopher
grad student | Washington Square West
“Yes. I would be drawn to LGBT-friendly packaging. If the company is liberal enough to do something like that, that’s good enough for me. The company is taking a risk. I would support them for taking the risk.”

Gabrielle Duncan
retail buyer | West Philadelphia
“Yes. I like my money going to a company that operates ethically and has politics that I agree with. So chances are, I’d buy a product that has a rainbow wrapper, a rainbow flag or any symbolism that embodies LGBT rights.”