Best-sellers: Feb. 7-13

Information is courtesy of Giovanni’s Room, 345 S. 12th St.; 215-923-2960; Ten-percent off most hardcover in-store sales.

Men’s books 1. “The Days of Anna Madrigal” by Armistead Maupin (Harper, $26.99 hb, less 10 percent in the store, $14.99 ebook). The ninth and final novel in Maupin’s classic “Tales of the City” series, “The Days of Anna Madrigal” is the triumphant resolution to a saga of urban family life that has enchanted and enlightened readers around the world since 1976. 2. “In Bed with Gore Vidal” by Tim Teeman (Magnus, $19.99 pb, $9.99 ebook). Vidal claimed there was no such thing as “gay,” only gay sexual acts. But what was the truth about his sex life and sexuality — and how did it affect and influence his writing and public life? 3. “A Warning in Blood” by Joseph R.G. DeMarco (Lethe, $18 pb, $6.99 ebook). Step into the shadows with the first of a series that blends deduction with suspense … and blood. 4. “Best Gay Erotica 2014,” edited by Larry Duplechan (Cleis, $15.95 pb, $10.69 ebook). Sometimes rough and always ready, “Best Gay Erotica 2014” is filled with stories of rough riders, silver-fox studs and hustlers, as well as coming-out and coming-of-age youth. 5. “Pawn of Satan” by Mark Zubro (Bold Strokes, $16.99 pb, $7.99 ebook). A dead bishop and scandal in the church.

Men’s DVDs 1. “Behind the Candelabra,” directed by Steven Soderbergh (2013, 118 min., $19.98). Oscar winners Michael Douglas and Matt Damon star as the legendary Liberace and his young lover. 2. “Bangkok Love Story,” directed by Poj Amon (2007, 90 min., $14.95). Steamy Thai nights provide the backdrop for unbridled romance, crime and action as two men unexpectedly brave forbidden love. 3. “The Perfect Wedding,” directed by Scott Gabriel (2012, 82 min., $24.95). Two young gay men meet and fall in love over a holiday weekend where family and friends are planning the wedding of Paul’s sister. The problem is, Gavin is posing as the boyfriend of Paul’s ex, and the two find themselves in a classic comic quandary as they try to ignore their feelings. 4. “The Falls: Testament of Love,” directed by Jim Garcia (2013, $24.99). In the sequel to “The Falls,” Mormon missionaries RJ and Chris are unexpectedly reunited. Can they keep it together? 5. “Bridegroom,” directed by Linda Bloodsworth Thomason (2013, 82 min., $19.95). On May 7, 2011, a young man named Shane Bitney Crone tragically lost the love of his life, Tom, to an accident. Because they weren’t married or prepared for the unexpected, Shane lost all legal claim to Tom after he died. Tom’s family banned Shane from the funeral and he was unable to say goodbye.

Women’s and trans books 1. “Are You My Mother?” by Alison Bechdel (Mariner, $15.95 pb). From the best-selling author of “Fun Home,” Time magazine’s book of the year, this poignant and hilarious graphic memoir follows Bechdel becoming the artist her gifted mother always wanted to be. 2. “The Summer We Got Free” by Mia McKenzie (Black Girl Dangerous Press, $14 pb). At one time a wild young girl and a brilliant artist, Ava Delaney changes dramatically after a violent event that rocks her entire family. Once loved and respected in their community and in their church, the Delaneys are ostracized by their neighbors, led by their church leader, and a 17-year feud ensues. 3. “A Tale of Two Mommies” by Vanita Oelschlager (Vanita Books, $8.95 pb). A beach conversation among three children. One boy asks another boy about having two mommies. A young girl listening in asks some questions too. True to a child’s curiosity, practical questions follow. Intended for 4-8-year-olds. 4. “Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches” by Audre Lorde (Crossing, $16.99 pb, $12.99 ebook). The essential writings of black lesbian poet and feminist writer Lorde, “Sister Outsider” celebrates an influential voice in 20th-century literature. 5. “Blue Is the Warmest Color” by Julie Maroh (Arsenal Pulp, $19.95 pb only). The original graphic novel adapted into the film of the same name, which won the Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

Women’s and trans DVDs 1. “Mr. Angel: A Documentary,” directed by Chris Hunt (2013, $24.99). Shot over six years, “Mr. Angel” chronicles the extraordinary life of transgender advocate, educator and porn pioneer Buck Angel. Buck has survived addiction, homelessness, suicide and relentless opposition to his gender expression. Still, he lives his truth without compromise or apology. 2. “Lovers and Friends Show, Season 5, the Final Season,” directed by Charmain Johnson (2012, 196 min., $19.95). The ever-popular lesbians-of-color series wraps up its fifth and final season with a bang as your favorite characters grapple with sex and love and friendships — and the usual wildly entertaining drama of lesbian life in Miami. 3. “Elvis and Madonna,” directed by Marcelo Lafite (201, 105 min., $24.95). In Copacabana, lesbian photographer Elvis (Simone Spoladore) meets transvestite hairdresser Madonna (Igor Cotrim) while delivering pizzas. The two quickly fall in love and move in together — but Madonna’s ex-lover Joao, a drug dealer, tries to come between them. 4. “Kiss Me,” directed by Alexandra-Therese Keining (2011, 105 min., $24.95). Two women meet at an engagement party in the country — Frida’s mother is about to marry Mia’s father — and discover an instant attraction that immediately calls into question Mia’s engagement to her longtime boyfriend Tim. Notable for its sumptuous and sensual love scenes. 5. “Pariah,” directed by Dee Rees (2011, 87 min., $19.95). Alike is quietly but firmly embracing her identity as a lesbian. With the sometimes-boisterous support of her best friend, out lesbian Laura (Pernell Walker), Alike is especially eager to find a girlfriend.