Saying no in November

We face some of the greatest health challenges every year from the first fall chill through the holiday thrill. And I’m not even talking colds and flu. For many people, myself included, the colder temps and shorter days trigger desires to eat more, hibernate and exercise less. This, all before the holidays even arrive. Then when Thanksgiving kicks the season of overindulgence into overdrive, we already have a head start and lots of practice.

Since recognizing a problem is the first step towards recovering from it, let’s get determined and focus on better eating habits and regular gym visits now and hopefully thwart any negative body transformation this year. With some people it’s sweets. For me, I never met a cheese I didn’t like. And since nearly every event I’m going to this fall is going to have cheese, my personal goal and challenge is to not eat my weight in cheese every week. By just saying no.

The other detriment to the event season is time. It makes for an awfully convenient excuse to not get to the gym because I’m too busy. (Sound familiar?) I have to get back to my regular workouts. I used those lame excuses like shoulder surgery and a broken wrist for about three times the time it took to heal. This is going to stop now. So when I think I’m too busy, too tired, too drunk to get to the gym, I’m going to say, “No. Go.”

Hopefully, when 2014 rolls up to the front door and the subject of resolutions comes up, I can also say no — no to having to resolve to do better because I’m already on the right track.

Are you going to say no?

Saying yes in November

Do you know what it feels like to want to do something but you can’t scrape up the cash? It can be depressing, to say the least. Here’s some information that might bring joy to your, or another’s, heart.

Gay Games 9 has a scholarship program for athletes who want to compete but don’t have the resources. There are two parts to this program. One is providing resources to individuals who want to compete but can’t afford it, whether they are from countries where just getting by day-to-day is a challenge or if they just don’t have the ability to raise extra money.

A scholarship including airfare can run $2,000. Entry fees for participation are $200 and $50 will cover a person’s meals for two days. Some athletes may need complete funding; other people just need the cost of housing and food once they’re there. Each need is different.

Most people are familiar with, which artists, performers and many others use to raise start-up cash for new projects, and which Gay Games 9 is utilizing to generate $5,000 to be used to help individuals in need.

Scholarship applications are already coming in and there seems to be a great need for assistance this round. Go to to make your tax-deductible donation and help send a deserving athlete to Cleveland next year.

The site fundraiser expires Nov. 29.

Are you going to say yes?

Short stops • Philadelphia Falcons Soccer Club heads indoors beginning Nov. 4 through March. Play is every 8-10 p.m. Monday and 2-4 p.m. Saturday at Guerin Rec Center; • Due to the Veterans Day holiday, Team Philadelphia will meet the third Monday in November rather than the second. Meeting location to be announced. In the meantime, get out and play!

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