Benefits of massage therapy

Not only does a massage feel really good, but it has been proven that even just a quick 10-minute massage can reduce muscle inflammation and alleviate stress.

However, the benefits of touch extend way beyond soothing aches and pains. Touch is essential for human survival. With the hustle and bustle of the American lifestyle, it can be easy to lose track of things, especially when it comes to you and your own body. Here are just several of many health benefits that massage therapy can have on you.

Sooth anxiety and depression. Massage has been shown to reduce levels of Cortisol. This stress-inducing hormone increases blood sugar, suppresses the immune system and promotes storage of fat. So any chance our body can get to fight off the stress-related hormone is a wonderful thing.

Promote healthy sleep. Massage can promote healthier sleep. If you have ever snoozed on the massage table, then you don’t need to be convinced any further. Massage can have a positive effect on brain waves that are connected to deeper, healthier sleep.

Better functioning of the immune system. Massage has been linked to slightly increasing a person’s white blood cells, which help to fight off and prevent disease, as well as reducing stress.

Increase of blood flow. Flushing out harmful bodily toxins, plumping up of loose skin and increasing energy levels are just a few of the ways that an increase of blood flow can positively affect your body. Even just a quick 10-minute rub-down can increase blood flow.

These are just a few of many ways massage can positively affect your mind and body. Many people are starting to realize that not only is massage becoming an essential part of their lives, but it is starting to be seen as a necessity more so than a luxury. You don’t have to only pamper yourself with a massage during a vacation. Make it a point to have a bi-weekly, monthly or even tri-monthly massage. The money spent is well worth it — consider it an investment in yourself and your body!

Davide Bianca is a licensed massage therapist and nutritionist and owner of Davide Health & Wellness, located in the Camac Center at 12th Street Gym. Davide is also a registered personal trainer at 12th Street Gym. For more information about Davide and his services, please visit