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Men’s books 1. “We the Animals,” by Justin Torres (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $18 hb). 2. “No Brainer Variations,” by Jim Cory (Rain Mountain, $8 pb). 3. “A Body on Pine,” by Joseph R.G. DeMarco (Lethe, $18 pb). When Marco Fontana enters his friend’s spa on Pine Street, he doesn’t find the peaceful retreat he expected. DeMarco’s second Philadelphia mystery. 4. “Transparent,” by Don Lemon (Farrah Gray, $24.95 hb). In this unique memoir, “Primetime CNN” anchor Lemon takes readers behind the scenes of journalism, detailing his own struggle to become one of the most prominent African-American men in television news — and inside some of the biggest stories of our time. 5. “The Bad Seed,” by Lee Hayes (Strebor, $15 pb). Crazy in love: A hyper-sexual 17-year-old high-school boy develops a fatalistic crush on his reclusive high-school English teacher. 6. “Captain Harding’s Six-Day War,” by Elliott J. Mackle (Lethe, $15 pb). Assigned to babysit a loose-cannon colonel at remote Wheelus Air Base, Libya, handsome, hard-charging Capt. Joe Harding spends his off-duty time bedding an enlisted medic and a muscular major. 7. “No One in the World,” by E. Lynn Harris and R.M. Johnson (Simon & Schuster, $25.95 hb). The story of twin brothers struggling to answer many questions about themselves and one another. 8. “Mogul,” by Terrance Dean (Atria, $15 pb). A novel about the secret life of one of New York City’s most beloved hip-hop producers.

Men’s DVDs 1. “Finding Me: Truth,” directed by Roger S. Omeus Jr. (2011, 100 min., $17.99). Who knew Jersey City could be such a hotbed of gay drama? 2. “From Beginning to End,” directed by Aluizio Abranches (2009, 96 min., $19.99). This controversial Brazilian drama follows the love and sexual intimacy between two men … who are half-brothers. 3. “Beautiful Thing,” directed by Hettie Macdonald (1996, 89 min., $24.95). The classic, heartfelt drama of young love triumphant against all odds. 4. “Blackmail Boys,” directed by Bernard Shumanski and Richard Shumanski (2011, 68 min., $19.99). After moving to Chicago for art school, Sam begins turning tricks to help pay the bills. 5. “Children of God,” directed by Kareem Mortimer (2010, 104 min., $19.99). Percolating under the hot Bahamian sun are religious intolerance, political grand-standing, family woes and hopefully enough love to conquer them all. 6. “Strapped,” directed by Joseph Graham (2010, 95 min., $19.99). A routine trick at a man’s apartment propels a cynical hustler into a series of strange and life-changing encounters in this stunningly photographed drama.

Women’s books 1. “Inside the Money Machine,” by Minnie Bruce Pratt (Carolina Wren, $15.95 pb). A passionate study in poems of working people and an in-depth exploration of 21st-century capitalism. 2. “Waiting in the Wings,” by Melissa Brayden (Bold Strokes, $16.95 pb). Jenna McGovern has spent her whole life training for the stage. 3. “Keesha and Her Two Moms Go Swimming,” by Monica Bey-Clarke and Cheril N. Clarke, illustrated by Aiswarya Mukherjee (Dodi, $12.95 hb). For young children. 4. “Mommy, Mama, and Me,” by Lesléa Newman, illustrated by Carol Thompson (Tricycle, $7.99). A toddler’s daily activities — from the park to bedtime — in the company of two loving mothers. 5. “Lesbian Sex: 101 Love-Making Positions,” by Jude Schell (Celestial Arts, $16.99 hb). Positions for tonguing and grooving with this innovative and clever sex guide for women who love women. 6. “Night Watch,” by Sarah Waters (Riverhead, $16 pb). Set during the air raids, blacked-out streets, and sexual adventure of World War II London. 7. “Empathy,” by Sarah Schulman (Arsenal Pulp, $15.95 pb). Anna O. is a loner in New York, an office temp obsessed with a mysterious woman in white leather; Doc is a post-Freudian psychiatrist who hands out business cards to likely neurotics on street corners and is himself looking for personal fulfillment. 8. “Fingersmith,” by Sarah Waters (Riverhead, $16 pb). Raised by a loving family of thieves, orphan Sue Trinder is sheltered from the worst of the Victorian underworld until it becomes her turn to make the clan’s fortune.

Women’s DVDs 1. “Room in Rome,” directed by Julio Medem (107 min., $24.95). Two women bare their bodies and their souls during one memorable night in a hotel in Rome. 2. “Big Lesbian Love,” Collector’s Set (321 min., $34.95). Four films cheap: “Four-Faced Liar,” “My Normal,” “And Then Came Lola” and “Itty Bitty Titty Committee.” 3. “Fest Selects: Best Lesbian Shorts” (101 min., $24.95). Nine lesbian shorts culled from top film fests. 4. “Elena Undone,” directed by Nicole Conn (2010, 111 min., $24.95). As their relationship takes on a life of its own, what ensues is one of the most passionate and intimate female-on-female scenes ever filmed. 5. “Purple Sea,” directed by Donatella Maiorca (105 min., $24.95). A scandal hidden in 19th-century Sicily between two young women, Angela and Sara. Italian with English subtitles.

Trans book 1. “Tango: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels,” by Justin Vivian Bond (Feminist Press, $16.95 pb). A moving and hilarious coming-of-age story about love, sex and attention deficit disorder.