A little help from my friends


This week, I decided to ask my Facebook friends to suggest subjects for this column. Here are some of their suggestions, and you can read others on my personal Facebook page.

From Chris Pinto:

Here’s my two cents.

I think you should take a break from the news and highlight where we are as a city and LGBT community this week.

There is so much good activity, so many new groups, so many things to do, and it’s not just about drinking: flag football, gay tennis leagues, singing, dancing, neighborhood groups and the list goes on. There is so much going on in the city that it’s impossible to take advantage of all of it in one weekend.

Last weekend, I had invites to flag football, the PGMC Concert, softball and GALAEI’s celebration — I couldn’t be in all those places at the same time!

We all need to take a respite from national debate and realize how far the community has come, and how much is going on and how there’s something for everyone, and when everyone is engaged, they are empowered. And more change happens.

It’s such an exciting time to be a member of this community in this city. Twelve years ago when I came out, I never would have imagined our community would have come this far. It’s a blessing to be gay and be a citizen of this city, and surrounded by an active, engaged community.

From Jim Madden:

Point out the importance of proper grammar, spelling and punctuation — from curriculum vitae to Facebook posts?

From Sarah Baker:

The risk of complacency among the equality movement because of Obama being in office. It is a fear that we will start putting our guard down thinking we are “protected.” This is actually the time that we need to step up local grassroots programs across the country and not just depend on the lobbyists in D.C. to get things done. There are cracks in the system … this is when we need to finally go full force and break through on every level of government. Do not let the moments pass us by …

From Stephen Gallagher:

The possible anachronist dimensions to the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance policy on hetero players, and/or [while] extreme activism may have its place at certain times, it has the potential to create more isolation and undermine the broader goals of the group being lobbied for?

Mark Segal is PGN publisher. He can be reached at [email protected].