Survey says


This is the final week of PGN’s 2010 reader survey, which you can find on pages 21-22 or at” target=”_blank”>

If you haven’t done so, we’d like to ask you to fill it out and return it to us.

The survey is important for a number of reasons, foremost of which is that it will help us determine if we are meeting the needs of the community we serve.

In the survey, we’d like to know a little about you, how you feel about our coverage of topics and issues that are important to you, what you read and what you’d like to see in the paper.

And if you think we are doing a poor job in an area, please feel free to tell us why. (Though we appreciate knowing that you disagree with our coverage, if you don’t tell us why, we can’t fix it.) We’ll take compliments too.

Your input and feedback really make a difference to us: Even though we know we can’t make everyone happy all the time, we do try to be fair, accurate and balanced. (And not in the Fox News way of “fair and balanced.”) We don’t always succeed, but that is our goal.

As editor, it’s my job to make sure the paper is headed in the right direction as far as content and coverage. Since taking the helm in 2006, I’ve reached out to numerous community leaders and members through roundtable discussions. But to really get the input and opinion of the community at large, a survey is the most effective vehicle.

In addition to this survey, reporter Jen Colletta will conduct a content analysis, tracking how we have covered age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, geographical location and news issues in the past two years.

Though I’m always open to reader input and feedback, a survey like this allows us to cross-reference the data and check in with the readership at large.

I hope you take the time to fill out and return the survey. I know the paper’s coverage has evolved in recent years, and I want to continue that. But I can’t do it without your help.

PGN is a community newspaper: We serve the community, we support the community. It’s also important that we listen to the community. Here’s your opportunity.

Thank you,

Sarah Blazucki Editor