Bestsellers: Feb. 5-11

Information is courtesy of Giovanni’s Room, 345 S. 12th St.; (215) 923-2960; Ten-percent off most hardcover in-store sales.


LESBIAN 1. “Lovers and Friends Show: Episodes 1, 2, & 3,” directed by Charmain Johnson (2008, 214 min., $24.98 DVD). Six minority lesbian women navigating through life’s obstacles, making new friends and experiencing new drama. 2. “Crash Pad 4: Rope Burn,” directed by Shine Louise Houston (2008, 120 min., $34.95 DVD). Lesbian porn made by lesbians. 3. “Truth Hall,” directed by Jade-Jenise Dixon (2009, 88 min., $14.98 DVD). Secrets come out and hearts get broken when old friends reunite for a wedding in this bold urban dramedy. 4. “Lovers and Friends Show: Episodes 4, 5, & 6,” directed by Charmain Johnson (2008, $24.98 DVD). The second half of the first season (see above). 5. “The L Word: Final Season,” directed by Angela Robinson (2008, 438 min., $49.95 DVD). It’s the final season of the show that won our hearts and got us talking for its unwavering dedication to portraying sexy lesbian characters in a steady stream of increasingly hot and wild story lines. 6. “Girl Seeks Girl” (“Chica Busca Chica”), directed by Sonia Sebastian (2007, 153 min., $24.95 DVD). This hot and hilarious lesbian soap opera takes you on a wild ride through the mixed-up love lives of a group of sexy Madrid lesbians. English subtitles. 7. “Drifting Flowers,” directed by Zero Chou (2008, 99 min., $24.95 DVD). Three poetic tales about lesbians seeking their true identity. 8. “Butch Jamie,” directed by Michelle Ehlen (2007, 84 min., $19.95 DVD). A quirky, gender-bending comedy about an out-of-work butch lesbian actress willing to try almost anything for a role.

GAY 1. “Gods of Football: The Making of the 2009 Calendar,” directed by Grant Carroll (2009, 80 minutes, $24.95 DVD). Australia’s hottest footballers (rugby players) naked for a cause! Built! Hot! Sexy! And baring it all for breast-cancer research! 2. “Redwoods,” directed by David Lewis (2009, 90 min., $19.95 DVD). Certainly one of the most romantic gay films ever. 3. “Polymath, or The Life and Opinions of Samuel R. Delany, Gentleman” (aka Giovanni’s Room’s Santa), directed by Fred Barney Taylor (2007, 75 min., $29.99 DVD). One of the most charming and insightful authors the LGBT world has produced. 4. “Polyester” and “Desperate Living” (sold together), directed by John Waters (1981 and 1977, 176 min. total, $11.85 DVD). Classic. 5. “Finding Me,” directed by Roger S. Omeus Jr. (2008, 115 min., $19.95 DVD). A young, gay black man’s journey of self-discovery, affirmation and love. 6. “Another Gay Sequel,” directed by Todd Stephens (2008, 95 min., $24.99 DVD). Our heroes enter the contest “Gays Gone Wild” to see who can get the most “action.” 7. “Locked Up,” directed by Joerg Andreas (2004, 96 min., $19.99 DVD). A fierce story of love behind bars. 8. “Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom,” directed by Patrik-Ian Polk (2008, 101 min., $24.95 DVD). Noah’s Arc is back, and you’re invited to the big wedding!


LGBT 1. “Out in the Country: Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility in Rural America,” by Dr. Mary L. Gray (NYU, 279 pp., $22 pb). An unprecedented contemporary account of the lives of today’s rural queer youth. 2. “As My Own Soul: The Blessing of Same Gender Marriage,” by Chris Glaser (Seabury, 150 pp., $20 pb). Ever wonder why marriage for same-gender couples generates such passion?

GAY 1. “Murder On Camac,” by Joseph DeMarco (Lethe, 396 pp., $18 pb). Gunned down in the street, author Helmut Brandt’s life ebbs away and puts a chain of events in motion — and P.I. Marco Fontana on a collision course with the Church and local community. 2, “Single Man,” by Christopher Isherwood (University of Minnesota Press, 186 pp., $15.95 pb). George, the protagonist, is adjusting to life on his own after the sudden death of his partner. 3. “Best Gay Romance 2010,” edited by Richard Labonte (Cleis Press, 214 pp., $14.95 pb). A sensational collection of stories about finding love at home, at work, at any age and often in the most unexpected places. 4. “Forgetting Elena,” by Edmund White (Vintage Books USA, 192 pp., $15 pb). Combining glittering wit, an atmosphere dense in social paranoia and a breathtaking elegance and precision of language, White’s first novel suggests a hilarious apotheosis of the comedy of manners. 5. “Forbidden Colors,” by Yukio Mishima (Vintage Books USA, 416 pp., $15.95 pb). The cynical Shunsuke enlists the beautiful young Yuichi, who is irresistible to women but is just coming to realize that he loves only men. 6. “Lover’s Knot,” by Donald Hardy (Running Press, 364 pp., $13.95 hb). Jonathan Williams has inherited Trevaglan Farm from a distant relative. With his best friend, Alayne, in tow, Jonathan returns to the estate to take possession, meet the current staff and generally learn what it’s like to live as landed gentry. 7. “Tangled Web,” by Lee Rowan (Running Press, 254 pp., $13.95 pb). Brendan Townsend is a young man who is very loyal to his friends. So when Tony — his best friend, occasional lover and a complete screw-up — comes to him in trouble, Brendan is determined to help. Tony is being blackmailed by the owner of a “molly house,” the private club that Tony frequents to indulge his entertainment needs. 8. “Powerfully Beautiful: Classically Inspired Painters of the Male Figure,” curated by E. Gibbons (Firehouse, 180 pp., $34.95 pb). Work by the living masters of the male figure. 9. “Official Book Club Selection,” by Kathy Griffin (Ballantine Books, 368 pp., $25 hb). Griffin is unplugged, uncensored and unafraid to dish about what really happens on the road, away from the cameras and at the star party after the show. 10. “Best Gay Men’s Stories 2009,” edited by Steve Berman (Lethe Press, 284 pp., $18 pb). Eighteen tales show the handsome face of gay writing.

LESBIAN 1. “Day of the Dead,” by Victoria Brownworth (Spinsters Ink, 170 pp., $14.95 pb). Slip into the shadows of New Orleans’ deepest nights, where the unsuspecting encounter the netherworld of predators of legend. 2. “Deepest Desire,” by Anne Shade (Freedom of Love Press, 116 pp., $11.95 pb). The last thing Lynette Folsom is looking for is love, especially with a closeted female. Then she meets Eve Monroe, whose refreshing honesty and natural sexiness has her wondering if love behind closed doors really can work. 3. “Losing Control,” by Cheril Clarke (Dodi Press, 216 pp., $14.95 pb). Brianna Anderson embarks on her first campaign to win a seat on the City Council in Rockville, N.J. But Brianna has secrets, and when someone close to her discovers them, loyalty turns into double-dealing and deceit. 4. “Consequences,” by Skyy (Kings Crossing, 306 pp., $15.95 pb). This fast-paced sequel to “Choices” will take you on an emotional roller coaster you won’t want to get off. 5. “Animal Magnetism: My Life with Creatures Great and Small,” by Rita Mae Brown (Ballatine, 235 pp, $25 hb). The bestselling author shares the lessons she’s learned from these marvelous creatures as well as her deep appreciation for them. 6. “Push: A Novel,” by Sapphire (Vintage, 192 pp., $13 pb). Precious Jones, 16 and pregnant by her father with her second child, meets a determined and highly radical teacher who takes her on a journey of transformation and redemption. The book is the basis of the current movie “Precious.” 7. “If Loving Two is Wrong,” by Kim Beverley (Oshun Publishing, 270 pp., $15 pb). Ever wonder what could make a woman fall for another woman? Neither did Kayla Thomas. Why would she? Her childhood crush, and the man of her dreams, has finally stepped up to the plate. 8. “The Importance of Being Iceland: Travel Essays in Art,” by Eileen Myles (Semiotext(e), 216 pp., $17.95 pb). Myles travels the city, seeing it with a poet’s eye for detail and with the consciousness that writing about art and culture has always been a social gesture. 9. “Intentions,” by Susan X. Meagher (Fortitude Press, 302 pp., $14 pb). The ninth installment of Meagher’s series “I Found My Heart in San Francisco.” 10. “Returning Tides,” by Radclyffe (Bold Strokes, 252 pp., $16.95 pb). From the Lambda Literary Award-winning author comes book six in her Provincetown series.