White teeth and presidential invitations


“Law & Order,” the TV series in all its incarnations, is an enjoyable break from reality. Well done, but there is a flaw. This week, as I was sitting in the dentist’s chair waiting for my dentist, I saw a piece of equipment over in the corner called Zoom, I think, and when his assistant came in, I inquired what it was.

She explained that it was a speedy way to whiten teeth. This led to a conversation on teeth whitening and I explained one of my pet peeves about TV, and even movies, which is best demonstrated by “Law & Order.”

Ever notice that the street people and even the poorest characters on the show have great white teeth? In fact, everyone has bright, perfectly formed teeth. Since “Law & Order” is filmed in New York, are we to believe that the city’s residents have the best-kept teeth in the world?

If so, these people have a hell of a health plan. Attention, President Obama.

The point is that these are actors — should I say here, not real people? OK, all my friends who are actors are now angry with me, but hey, it wasn’t long ago that actors, when eating in a proper home, were asked to eat in the barn. I think the profession has improved over time, but again there is Paris Hilton. What is her profession, anyway?

On a serious note, here’s the White House press release regarding the gay man who was on the Obamas’ guest list for Wednesday’s State of the Union address. Very interesting.

Trevor Yager (Indianapolis, Ind.): Trevor Yager began his career in 1995 while in college by founding TrendyMinds, a full-service advertising/public-relations firm. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from Anderson University and went on to work with various motor sports sponsors, team owners and sanctioning bodies. Today, at TrendyMinds, Yager provides strategic planning, business development, marketing and technology guidance and support to various local, national and international clients. In 2009, the agency grew by more than 200 percent, doubled the number of employees and gained 15 new accounts. Yager credits President Obama’s welcoming climate for small businesses, including the many initiatives under the Recovery Act, for this success.

He is also passionate about helping nonprofits and TrendyMinds is committed to giving back to the community by donating in-kind services to organizations throughout Indiana.

Yager resides in Indianapolis with his partner of seven years, Tyler Murray. The two have recently started the process of adoption and look forward to adding a new member to their family.

Mark Segal is PGN publisher. He can be reached at [email protected].