How to use a ‘lifeline’


I think I’ve broken my record for the number of meetings, events and fundraisers in one week. Then my editor peeks her head in my office doorway and asks — rather, states —“Where’s your column? You’re on deadline.” Since I’ve been out of the office so often in the last couple of weeks, the paperwork on my desk is now like a paper Mt. Everest. So I decided to enlist my friends from Facebook. I asked what I should write about this week. Here’s some of what I received. My only point is that when shopping for the holidays, try to do it in the Gayborhood when possible and visit our advertisers.

Allison Dinsmore: Mark, you could write about John James being honored by FIGHT today for his work founding AIDS Treatment News. He’s tirelessly and brilliantly connected the treatment dots for researchers, doctors and people living with HIV/AIDS for many decades. He’s worked in greater obscurity since leaving San Francisco, where he has a huge number of grateful fans. His former newsletter was read across the world for 20 years. He’s at [email protected]

rank X. Custer: Or how Joe Hoeffel is the only gubernatorial candidate that cares about LGBT issues.

Matthew Ray: Which “Real Housewife” do you think is most likely to lose her home? Terry Keith Veitenheimer: Maybe how to shop cheap for the holidays since our recession is in full bloom. It’s no joke. My family is at a loss. I found that going to places like a dollar store or such and filling baskets is a wonderful treat or maybe handmade items … Everyone needs to be reminded that Christmas is about sharing your life and love with friends and not about how much you pay for a gift or even if the gift is really necessary!

Matthew Thomas Patton: Terry: That would be a really useful article.

Gene Blum: Commitment ceremonies!

Deb Murray: Meredith Baxter’s recent coming out.

Christopher Bartlett: Fabulous: The San Francisco LGBT Historical Society and the Bay Area Reporter make all of their AIDS obituaries available online, searchable and with the possibility for adding remembrances. Fabulous. Bravo. #BAR #SFLGBTHistory. Mark Segal, can we do this with the PGN obituaries? It would be a GREAT service.

I love when the community comes together and communicates its views. I’ll try to do this once every few months. And be assured that over the next few weeks, we’ll touch on these and other subjects affecting our very special community.

Mark Segal is PGN publisher. He can be reached at [email protected].