Best Sellers: Nov. 6-12

Information is courtesy of Giovanni’s Room, 345 S. 12th St.; (215) 923-2960; Ten-percent off most hardcover in-store sales.

BOOKS LESBIAN 1. “The Other Side of Paradise: A Memoir,” by Staceyann Chin (Scribner, 288 pp., $24 hb). A brave and fiercely candid memoir about growing up in Jamaica by performer, activist and writer Chin. 2. “Pulling Me Back,” by GStarr (UrbanL Publishing, 284 pp., $14.95 pb). A hot and spicy fictional story chock full of erotic sexual pleasures, family feuds and infidelity, with side dishes of fatal attraction and revenge. 3. “Annie on My Mind,” by Nancy Garden (Farrar Straus Giroux, 263 pp., $8 pb). This groundbreaking book, first published in 1982, is the story of two teenage girls whose friendship blossoms into love and who, despite pressures from family and school that threaten their relationship, promise to be true to each other and their feelings. 4. “Day of the Dead,” Victoria Brownworth (Spinsters Ink, 170 pp., $14.95 pb). Slip into the shadows of New Orleans’ deepest nights, where the unsuspecting encounter the netherworld of predators of legend. 5. “Push,” by Sapphire (Vintage Books, 192 pp., $13 pb). Precious Jones, 16 years old and pregnant by her father with her second child, meets a determined and highly radical teacher who takes her on a journey of transformation and redemption. 6. “Breaking the Ice,” by Kim Baldwin (Bold Strokes Press, 243 pp., $16.95 pb). Bryson Faulkner embraces the challenge of living in the far north of Alaska. The only thing she misses is having a special woman in her life. Karla Edwards seeks answers and adventure. The two find all that and more when they meet during Karla’s trip to Alaska.

GAY 1. “Alphabetical List of Would Be Princes,” by Fred Shelley (Lulu, 201 pp., $16 pb). An inventive tale about wanting to hold on and learning to let go, looking for love and letting love find you, and figuring out the rules and knowing when to break them. 2. “Murder on Camac,” by Joseph De Marco (Lethe, 396 pp., $18 pb). Gunned down in the street, author Helmut Brandt’s life ebbs away and puts a chain of events in motion, placing P.I. Marco Fontana on a collision course with the church and the local community. 3. “City Boy: My Life in New York During the 1960s and ’70s,” by Edmund White (Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 304 pp., $26 hb). A memoir of the social and sexual lives of New York City’s cultural and intellectual in-crowd in the tumultuous 1970s. 4. “Mama Dearest,” by E. Lynn Harris (Karen Hunter, 400 pp., $25.99 hb). Delivers sensual thrills and electric plot twists — with one unforgettable woman of radiant star power, sexual magnetism and unapologetic ambition at the heart of the action. 5. “Dreamboy: My Life as a QVC Host and Other Greatest Hits,” by Dale Guy Madison (Damn Good Man Productions, 327 pp., $19.95 hb). The vintage “album” of Madison’s life set against the tunes of The Supremes. 6. “Blind Fall,” by Christopher Rice (Pocket Books, 302 pp., $15 pb). New York Times best-selling author Rice delivers the gripping story of an Iraqi War vet seeking redemption and revenge when one of his fellow Marines is brutally murdered.

DVDS GAY 1. “Gods of Football: The Making of the 2009 Calendar,” directed by Grant Carroll (2009, 80 min., $24.95 DVD). Australia’s hottest footballers (rugby players), naked for a cause! Built! Hot! Sexy! And baring it all for breast-cancer research! 2. “Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom,” directed by Patrik-Ian Polk (2008, 101 min., $24.95 DVD). Noah’s Arc is back and you’re invited to the big wedding! 3. “The Closet Vol. 1,” directed by Maurice Townes (2006, 470 min., $24.95 DVD). Serving a bold dose of human life that reflects real stories, such as STD awareness, forbidden love, manipulation, religion, AIDS and drug use, all instilling thought-provoking insight for viewers. 4. “Paris Is Burning,” directed by Jennie Livingston (DVD release 2005, 71 min., $29.95 DVD). Filmmaker Livingston shows New York City clubs where gay men enter posing contests, called “voguing.” 5. “Newcastle,” directed by Dan Castle (2008, 107 min., $24.95 DVD). A coming-of-age tale combining the gorgeous Australian surfing beaches with the raw energy, music and rebellion of teen culture. 6. “Shelter,” directed by Jonah Markowitz (2007, 88 min., $24.95 DVD). Zach, an aspiring artist fresh out of high school, is forced to skip college to provide for his nephew. With no hope of having a life of his own and having to forsake his dreams, surfing — and Shaun — becomes his only solace.

LESBIAN 1. “Lovers and Friends Show” directed by Charmain Johnson (2008, 213 min., $24.98 DVD). Six minority lesbian women navigate life’s obstacles, making new friends and experiencing new drama. 2. “Gia,” directed by Michael Cristofer (1998, 126 min., $5.95 DVD). Angelina Jolie gives a stunning performance as real-life lesbian supermodel Gia, who lived the wild life of the New York fashion scene in the ’70s. 3. “But I’m a Cheerleader,” directed by Jamie Babbit (1999, 90 min., $14.95 DVD). To Megan’s surprise, one day her family and friends confront her with evidence that she is gay: She’s a vegetarian, she doesn’t like kissing her boyfriend and she’s got a poster of a cheerleader in her locker. In spite of Megan’s protests, her parents send her packing to a homosexual rehabilitation camp. 4. “Lesbian Sex & Sexuality,” directed by Katherine Linton (2007, 158 min., $29.95 DVD). Takes viewers on an uncharted and provocative journey where the subject of lesbian sexuality and desire isn’t whispered, but celebrated. 5. “The L Word: Final Season” directed by Angela Robinson (2008, $49.95 DVD). It’s the final season of the show that won our hearts and got us talking for its unwavering dedication to portraying sexy lesbian characters in a steady stream of increasingly hot and wild story lines. 6. “Stranger Inside,” directed by Cheryl Dunye (2001, 96 min., $9.95 DVD). From the author/director of “Watermelon Woman.”