Best Sellers: Aug. 7, 2009

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GAY 1. “Were the World Mine,” directed by Tom Gustafson (2008, 95 min., $24.95 DVD). Armed with a magical love potion and empowered by dazzling musical fantasies, struggling with his identity and acceptance, adorable teen Timothy turns his narrow-minded town gay while capturing the heart of Jonathon, the rugby jock of his dreams. 2. “Gods of Football: The Making of the 2009 Calendar,” directed by Grant Carroll (2009, 80 minutes, $24.95 DVD). Australia’s hottest footballers (rugby players): Naked for a cause! BUILT! HOT! SEXY! And baring it all for breast-cancer research! 3. “Finding Me,” directed by Roger S. Omeus Jr. (2008, 115 min., $19.95 DVD). A fresh, new indie film about a young gay black man’s journey of self-discovery, affirmation and love. 4. “Dieux du Stade 2009: The Making of the Calendar” (2009, 90 min., $26.95 DVD — on sale online elsewhere for $29.99). The latest in the very-popular series featuring the members of the rugby team of Paris, France.

LESBIAN 1. “Gia,” directed by Michael Cristofer (1998, 126 min., $5.95! DVD). Angelina Jolie gives a stunning performance as real-life lesbian supermodel Gia, who lived the wild life of the New York fashion scene in the ’70s. 2. “Exes & Ohs: The Complete First Season,” various directors (2007, 132 min., $19.95 DVD). Michelle Paradise stars as Jennifer, a documentary filmmaker with a vivid fantasy life and a floundering career. Jennifer wants to find Ms. Right … but first she must navigate the rules of lesbian life, most of which she learns the hard way. 3. “The Edge of Heaven,” directed by Fatih Akin (2007, 116 min., $27.95 DVD). Six characters are drawn together by circumstances — an old man and a prostitute forging a partnership, a young scholar reconciling his past, two young women falling in love, and a mother putting the shattered pieces of her life back together. German & Turkish, with English subtitles. 4. “Tipping the Velvet,” directed by Geoffrey Sax (2002, 178 min., $29.95 DVD). When Nan Astley discovers the exciting world of the 19th-century music hall, she also meets — and falls in love with — Kitty, a popular male impersonator. Based on Sarah Waters’ novel.


LESBIAN 1. “Justice for All,” by Radclyffe (Bold Strokes, 309 pp., $16.95 pb). As part of an operation to expose organized crime, Dellon Mitchell goes undercover with a young woman posing as her lover. Before long, she and her team unwittingly become targets. 2. “September Canvas,” by Gun Brooke (Bold Strokes, 260 pp., $16.95 pb). When Deanna Moore meets TV personality Faythe, she is reluctantly attracted to her, but will Faythe side with the people spreading rumors about Deanna? 3. “Among Other Things, I’ve Taken Up Smoking,” by Aoibheann Sweeney (Penguin, 257 pp., $14 pb). Miranda’s often-elusive father announces he has arranged for her to travel to New York to stay with friends from his old life. After she embarks on this journey that reveals the truth about her father’s past, it opens up her world in ways she could not have begun to imagine. 4. “Consequences,” by Skyy (Kings Crossing, $15.95 pb). School’s back in session and there’s a lot of unfinished business. As Lena prepares for her wedding day, she can’t help but think about Denise, her sexy b-ball roommate who almost stole her away.

GAY 1. “Light Fell,” by Evan Fallenberg (Soho Press, 232 pp., $12 pb). Twenty years have passed since Joseph left his family and his religious Israeli community when he fell in love with a man, the brilliant rabbi Yoel Rosenzweig. Now, for his 50th birthday, Joseph is preparing to have his five sons and the daughter-in-law he has never met spend the Sabbath with him in his Tel Aviv penthouse. 2. “Object of Desire,” by William Mann (Kensington, 416 pp., $24 hb). From the acclaimed author of “Where the Boys Are” and “The Men From the Boys” comes a compelling new novel that takes readers from the bars of West Hollywood to the glamorous gay world of Palm Springs as it explores sex, aging, obsession and love. 3. “Hero,” by Perry Moore (Hyperion, 428 pp., $8.99 pb). The executive producer of the film adaptation of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” tells an unforgettable story about the coming of age of a young superhero in a groundbreaking novel of love, loss and redemption. 4. “Best Gay Love Stories 2010,” edited by Brad Nichols (Alyson Press, 288 pp., $15.95 pb). Everybody needs a little love in his or her life, so whether you’re missing your special someone or just want a reminder of why you fell in love in the first place, “Best Gay Love Stories” is filled with stories that reflect the many faces of love, and what makes it worthwhile.