City of Brotherly Love Softball League, Team Spotlight: Stir Crazy

This is the first year for Open Division team Stir Crazy, sponsored by Stir (” target=”_blank”> Managed by Tom Quicksell, Stir Crazy will represent CBLSL at the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance World Series, taking place Aug. 29-Sept. 7 in Milwaukee, Wisc. CBLSL women’s commissioner Cathy Harris took a moment to chat with Quicksell and players Danielle Nelson, Will Andrews and Marcus Irvining.

CH: Why did you join the league this year? DN: I wanted to meet some new people, have fun and I love softball. WA: I joined the league to meet new people and to do something that I love, which is playing softball. TQ: Actually, this is my 18th year playing and 15th year in the CBLSL. I played three years in Chicago. MI: I joined the league to meet new people and to build a social network.

CH: What do you like most about playing for CBLSL? DN: No one screams or yells at you about missing a play or popping out. Everyone cheers for everyone. WA: The people are extremely friendly and very welcoming. TQ: It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. I am still friends with people I met 18 years ago. MI: The camaraderie and feeling a part of something.

CH: What do you like most about playing with your team? DN: Stir Crazy is a brand-new team with all different levels of experience, and my favorite thing about playing for this team is our hard work and dedication everyone has put into it. With every practice and game I see huge improvement. There is so much potential for this team. WA: We are a new team and everyone is learning. I love teaching all the new guys and helping them play better softball. TQ: Having a brand-new team is fun. Instructing and helping players grow and develop skills. MI: We mesh well together and we all have great senses of humor!

CH: What is a fun memory you share with your team (great play someone made, fun party, going on trips together, etc.)? DN: There are so many, but probably the best is when Marcus caught a fly ball in right field and did his famous dance. WA: The pyramid! TQ: Our first win this season. It was great seeing them enjoy that accomplishment. MI: The first catch I made. I was excited [and] I did a little dance and everyone was cheering but screaming, “Throw the ball!”

CH: What is it that you’re looking forward to most in your upcoming trip to Wisconsin for the World Series? DN: Spending the 14-hour car ride with my teammates singing “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” the whole way there. WA: Our first trip is going to be our best. I can’t wait to show them how good we are! TQ: Watching all of my teammates experience their first world series. MI: Kickin’ some butt!

CH: What advice would you have for someone thinking about becoming a new member of the league next year? DN: You shouldn’t have to think twice about joining. This league is so much fun. WA: Do it! It’s awesome. The experience is amazing and the people are incredible! TQ: You have to join. It is the best way to make new friends. It’s the one place that age is not a factor. On our team, our youngest is 23 and our oldest is 51 and we all get along great. MI: Make all the practices you can and dedicate a part of your life to the team, because once the season starts, you’re all in it together!

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