On companions, relatives and pride


Gay Pride — not this year’s column. In a surprising move, my editor tells me she’s had people mention that I haven’t done a personal column in some time. So at her — or your — request, here goes.

First and foremost, the dogs. As you might recall, I have not one but two Boston terriers: Moishe, the oldest and very large for a Boston, and Sadie, the youngest and small for a Boston. Moishe has glided into old age in relatively easy fashion. With each infirmary, he seems to just take it in stride. His sight is almost gone and at night he has no vision. He climbs stairs a lot slower, but every morning he can’t wait to go to work. He thinks he’s a PGN staffer. And he still plays with Sadie. He’s a happy dog.

As for Sadie, she has remained a puppy and will not tell her age, and she acts so. She becomes, it seems, more animated each day. She feels it’s her job to train the staff on where she feels comfortable and when to give her treats. For her part, she bosses Moishe around.

As for my nephew, Jeff, you might recall he came to Philadelphia as a teen and set up domestic bliss in my home. Parenthood was new to me and, looking back, the pitfalls were actually funny. Going away for a weekend and coming home to an immaculately cleaned house — only to hear from neighbors that he had a party for 100 of his friends. Being smart, he cleaned the house and put the trash in public trashcans.

To make a long story short, he went into the headhunter business and has done very well. Last year, he transferred up to New York City and has moved up the food chain of business. But, I still get the occasional problem phone call. He’s trying to talk me into coming up to NYC for Father’s Day so he can take me to dinner and a Broadway show. I’m proud of his progress.

Jason, my boyfriend now of five years, still puts up with my high-maintenance life. He’s been back from Japan now for a year and, in light of the U.S. job market being in the toilet, is considering an offer to teach English in Japan once more. That would be another yearlong contract starting in the fall.

As for me, well, this June 28 is of great importance. It’s Stonewall 40, and those of us involved with Gay Liberation Front, Gay Activists Alliance and Gay Youth have several panels and socials and historic events planned.

Besides all that, my main task every day is to assure the happiness of the PGN staff and make sure we get out on deadline, like we have for 33 years now. Happy Gay Pride, all.

Mark Segal can be reached at [email protected] .