Our resolutions


Carol: To make sure I get that shopping mall that I wished for on Christmas. Oh, of course fully stocked.

Chris: After an illness-induced absence, I vow to be reborn the rollercoaster freak I was up until a little over a year ago. On the health front, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so now the only tunnels I’m interested in contain hills and high-banked turns.

Greg: I hope to become a better human being this year. And that includes trying to remember the names of people I have just been introduced to (as well as trying to remember the names of people I already know).

Jen: I resolve to expand my reading repertoire beyond the “Harry Potter” books.

Joel: I resolve to stay healthy in 2009!

Kelly: To stop looking at gossip Web sites.

Larry: Exercise more, spend less and try not to stress about the little things.

Morgan: To stay positive and proactive in my everyday life.

Nick: My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time with friends and family in 2009 and to try and quit smoking!

Sarah: Make eating raw a more consistent part of my life, grow my own vegetables, shorten my food chain and work out more consistently.

Scott: Improve my physical, mental and spiritual balance by working out more, working less and doing more meditation. If that doesn’t work, jump a freight train and see how far I can get.

Sean: To be smarter at picking the battles that really matter and to learn to be a responsible parent.

Tim: To not talk about Jacqueline Onassis in the office. I think my dear coworkers deserve a break.