Essays and Dissertations: What every student should know
by sophieyoung
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Writing essays and dissertations is a fun exercise – at least you need to think of it that way. If you’re the type who likes to dig deeper into issues, you’ll even fair more. If not, writing essays and dissertations can make you appreciate the written word not only as a coursework but as excellent practice work for your future profession.

Many helpful things are gained from writing essays and dissertations, which are particularly beneficial to those aiming for careers that entail plenty of research and writing, such as doctorate degrees, teaching careers, statistics, and so on.

Albeit only a short literary piece, essays compel students to develop key skills - analytical, writing, and research – in building high quality essays. Here’s why:

  1. Analyzing essay questions, for one, and formulating a hypothesis requires good grasp of the issue at hand, for without it, no matter the depth of your research, you cannot possibly offer the right answers and suggestions.
  2. Research may come first or next to analysis of essays or dissertations questions. Two scenarios cause this:

    • With no essay question given, doing preliminary research can help you decide on the best topic to tackle on among your list. And, creating a list of topics itself requires research. Why? It reveals to you which subjects are most searchable and which you most prefer. When writing essays or dissertations, an interest on the subject makes the coursework enjoyable to do.
    • When an essay question is given, analysis should definitely come first followed by thorough research about your topic. It can be easy to stray away from the subject as you get too engrossed, which is fine for some degree as long as all information and arguments point to the resolution of the issue.
  3. Writing skill is an imperative component to essay and dissertation writing. Economy and choice of words becomes a staple. Be always direct to the point, because wordiness can easily confuse your readers whereas grammatical errors downgrades the quality of your paper, not to mention that they can be annoying to readers particular with correct grammar like your lecturer.

Essays and dissertations are not only given to give students a headache – they serve their purposes well: to gauge several academic criteria and for you to identify your strong and weak points with respect to your chosen degree and career.

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